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Our Guarantee

Lundholm Design believes that all clients should be satisfied with the sites that they are paying for, and guarantees that no site will be considered complete until the client is satisfied. Furthermore, all websites are guaranteed to be free of erroneous or invalid code or programming defects and all care will be taken to introduce the best quality into every site.

If this guarantee cannot be delivered upon for any reason, the client will receive no bill and no payment will be due. This warranty will be nullified if the site is edited or modified by any third party at the request of the client.

I offer web hosting at an affordable price. Some web hosting companies are not suited for small enterprises. inMotion, for example, is less of a small business type of company and their site itself appears to be less friendly (inMotion feedback). Another issue with big companies is that their customer support is not always at its best. Feel free to consult me and find out why it's best to go with my hosting.