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About Lundholm Design

Lundholm Design is, quite simply, your Swiss Army Knife all-in-one for web design and development. Whether you sell service, merchandise, or talent, I work hard to connect you with the clients in a way that matches your business model.

If you want an antiquated look to go with your antique store, a nice racey look to sell your sports cars, or a red, white and blue patriotic look, or any other appearance, we can suit your needs.

I am not done working on your site until you, the client, are satisfied. I understand that my websites belong to my client, and that a happy client is the only kind of client I want! I will keep going back to the drawing board until you are happy with your site.

Your site will be as full-featured as you want it to be. As I am well-grounded in XHTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, SQL, Dreamweaver, and Flash, your website is guaranteed to be not only great looking, but functional as well!

I also check with the w3c to ensure that all sites I design are well-designed with error-free and validated code. Validity is a matter of pride for me!

Keep in mind that a great looking website is not enough without the right web hosting company. It depends on your needs and budget. An example is Fatcow. Based on a Fatcow review, it is suitable for small businesses and personal websites because it has everything for a very low price. But make sure to compare hosting plans. Shared hosting is ideal for small business owners while vps or dedicated hosting is better suited for big businesses.

Lundholm Design is a proud supporter of the following charities and non-profits:

Our guaranteed Referral Policy: We pay a 10% Referral Fee for any referrals leading to business. Referrals are paid upon payment of resulting client's bill. Referrer must claim referral within one week.

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