Lundholm Design - Web Design For The Future

All pricing is negotiable and based on the project. Religious, educational, and non-profit organizations qualify for discounts.

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One-time-fee services:

  • Web Design   $200 to $300
  • Web Development   $500 to $600
  • PC Repair   Cost of parts plus $40 per hour
  • PC Cleaning and Maintenance   Cost of any parts (usually none) plus $40 per hour

Monthly Services (these require a one year contract)

  • Lundholm Design Subdomain   $5 per month
  • Lundholm Design Directory   $5 per month
  • Web Hosting   $5 per month
  • Website Maintenance   $50 per month

Annual Services

  • Domain Registration and Renewal   $15 per year
  • Gold Club   $1,000 per year